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Deciding on the right care package for you, a close friend or a relative is a very important process. But before you go ahead and make any decisions we have brought together some key pieces of information for you to look at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What care can your company provide me with?

There are a comprehensive range of services that Broadfield Care can offer you, all our services can be tailored to your requirements.  We will work together with you and your family to put together a ‘Personalised Care Plan’ which details the exact duties that you have specifically instructed us to do. This then becomes the ‘Carers Duties’ and your team of carers will work from that information in your care plan each day.  Care plans are checked frequently so that the care you are receiving is always appropriate for your needs.


You can find the services that we can provide under ‘services’ on this web site.



Is there anything that my care worker is not able to do? 

Once you have been assessed and it is established exactly what your requirements are, they will be agreed by yourself and us and they will be transferred to the ‘Carers Duties’. Your safety and the safety of Broadfield Care Staff is paramount to us that is why your requirements will be agreed with you at your assessment, any changes you wish to make to your care plan can be discussed with one of our Supervisors and your care team. 


How can I be sure that my care worker will stay for the full visit and carry out all the duties that I have asked for?

On arrival at your home each care worker (with your permission) will ring into the office and out again as they leave, this records the amount of time your care worker has spent with you this is called ‘call monitoring’ and is free to you.  Also after every visit your care worker will record the duties they have carried out in the Daily Record Log and they will sign and date it as proof that they have carried out the duties that you required.  These records are returned to the office periodically to be checked by the care manager.  Your satisfaction with your services is important to us and that is why we take a considered and comprehensive approach to ensuring that your care service is exactly what you require. 


What if I want to make changes to my care package?

Peoples care needs don’t always stay the same and this is why their care plans are working documents so that they can accommodate any changes that need to be made.  Reviews are carried out on a regular basis and Broadfield welcome any feed back from you and your immediate family or advocate about any part of your care services that we can improve on. You can rest assured that any changes you need will be put into place.


Can care workers help with my medication?

Yes all your care workers are trained in medication and they will work with your doctor and your pharmacy so that they can assist or administer you medication.  Any injections or changing of sterile dressings must be done by your doctor or their district nurses.


Will I have the same care worker each day?

As previously stated you will be assigned a team of care workers and depending on how many care visits you have each week this will determine how many care workers will be in your team.  Working with teams of carers allows care workers to have time off for holidays and to cover for any sickness that may arise however; your care team numbers will be kept to an absolute minimum to ensure continuity of care.


What do I do if I need assistance when the office is closed?

Our office is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. From 5pm to 8am weekdays we have an emergency on-call-service which is also used Saturdays and Sundays all day.  The numbers for the office and the on-call-service will be given to you to at the start of your services so that you can be reassured there will always be someone for you to contact with any emergencies that you have about your care.  


What about my personal security?

All Broadfield Care staff, have been through a rigorous vetting procedure before they start working with us, they are all DBS (Disclosure & Barring Services) checked and a minimum of two references is required. Staff will always be in uniform (unless you specifically ask for them to wear their own clothes) and they will always carry a personalised identification badge which shows their name, photograph and signature.


What assurance do I have that you are a reputably company?

Broadfield Care is a Preferred Provider with Lancashire County Council, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission and are full members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association, and we operate within the standards that these bodies set.  Broadfield is an Investor in People Company and we also have Public Liability Insurance.


How much will your services cost and can I get any help with the fees?

When your plan is put together there will be a Contract of Care between yourself and Broadfield which will include the cost of your weekly care.  You will need to contact your local Social Services office to see if you are entitled to assistance with your care either through a Personalised Individual Living Fund or other Government grants.


How do I pay for my care?

You will be sent out a bill every month and you can either pay by cash, cheque or internet banking.  You will find details on how to pay on the Extra Help page.


​How do I arrange care services with Broadfield Care?

Broadfield are just a phone call away simply contact us and we will visit you in your own home to have a chat about the ways Broadfield can help you.  Then if you decide to use our services a free no obligation 

assessment of your needs can be arranged with one of our friendly Senior Supervisors. It could not be easier, we are always here to help.